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Vision & Mission

Corporate Vision

  • SLDC Endeavors to be among the best of Power Transmission utility in India in Operating Efficiency, System Reliability Standards and Commercially  Viable Operations.

Corporate Aims

  • To provide Reliable Efficient Transmission Network throughout Uttarakhand at competitive cost.
  • Create a work environment which motivates enhances Employee Performance, Value Systems and Reward Contribution.
  • Build, in essence SLDC to a Company geared to high standards of Management Capabilities and Professional Performance.
  • Imbibe transparency and accountability in all operational areas, be it Procurement, Construction, Operations and Maintenance.
  • Expand horizons of activities in to contracting and others by leveraging the Company's available Technical and Project Expertise.
  • Adopt best practices of Project and Operations Maintenance Management leading to System Efficiency, Reliability and Commercial Viability.
  • Develop and train employees towards upgrading their skills at work, enrich work content to made it more substantive and responsive to Company Goals.

Corporate Values

  • SLDC shall promote transparency, openness and fairness in all its functions.
  • SLDC shall ensure safety, security and dignity of all female employees.
  • SLDC shall ensure compliance of all applicable laws, rules and regulations in its working.
  • SLDC shall promote spirit of co-operation and team work amongst its employees at all levels.
  • SLDC shall promote work culture of excellence and quality with efficiency and cost consciousness.
  • SLDC shall always strive to protect and balance the interests of all stakeholders in its decision making process.
  • SLDC shall strive to contribute its best towards the development of the State / Nation and welfare of the public at large.
  • SLDC shall strive to protect and preserve the natural habitat and try to minimize the damage to environment while carrying out operations, projects.