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Functions of State Load Despatch Centres
  • The State Load Despatch Centre shall be the apex body to ensure integrated operation of the power system in a State.
  • Responsible for optimum scheduling and despatch of electricity within a State, in accordance with the contracts entered into with the licensees or the generating companies operating in that State.
  • Monitor grid operations.
  • Keep accounts of the quantity of electricity transmitted through the State grid.
  • Exercise supervision and control over the intra-State transmission system, and
  • Responsible for carrying out real time operations for grid control and despatch of electricity within the State through secure and economic operation of the State grid in accordance with the Grid Standards and the State Grid Code.
  • The State Load Despatch Centre may levy and collect such fee and charges from the generating companies and licensees engaged in intra-State transmission of electricity as may be specified by the State Commission.